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Chris Hedemark chris at yonderway.com
Sun Dec 1 23:35:23 CST 2002

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On Monday, December 2, 2002, at 12:01 AM, Steve Hatle wrote:

> What's that you say? "Current" Solaris? Well, OK then <grin>

Well, yes, I had ass-umed we were talking about relatively modern OS's 
on Sun hardware.

> How good is current OpenBSD on VME hardware?

I've got a box sitting next to me that is waiting to find out.  I just 
haven't gotten to it yet.

> It gets cold in the winter in
> Minnesota basements.  A 4/280 could help that out.

I've got a 4/110 here that was upgraded to a 4/300 (see 
http://yonderway.com/museum/ ).

Right now I'm having more fun playing with my alphastations.  They 
*were* going to run OpenVMS but the hobbyist license doesn't seem to be 
available for this particular model, plus they expire after a year 
anyway.  One of them is running OpenBSD 3.1 but that will change to 
3.2.  I need to get a nicer monitor in there as the NEC C400 can't seem 
to support the higher resolutions that the Alphastations and HP 9000 
Model 712's want to go up to.

OpenBSD is cool though.  I've got this web app I'm prototyping now on 
an SS4.  I can move the entire configuration of the system (minus some 
of the interface-specific network config) from my SS4 to an 
Alphastation, or to a PeeCee, or even a MacIntosh.  The platform is so 
darned portable that I don't have to make a decision today on 
architecture.  I can just get it working on one machine, and then move 
the whole thing to whatever capable hardware I can get my hands on 

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