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Kevin kevin at pipeline.com
Sun Dec 1 09:26:15 CST 2002

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Good to know.  I am expecting a couple of Indy's to
come in soon.  I've never worked on any type of SGI
before so i expect to need a decent amount of help.
 I'll try not to flood the list with all my questions
in one day.

First off, i bought a copy of IRIX 5.3 (for 175mhz with
2 megs of cache).  Everything i have read so far states
that this particular version is made for certain
Indigo2s and will not work with an Indy.  The tech
employed by the company who sold it to me said that it
will.  Anyone have any input here?

Anyone know where i can get IRIX 6.5 for less than $200
bucks (current ebay price).  Definitely less than the
$600 SGI wants.  Would be nice if they were more like
Sun in that respect.


On 01 Dec 2002 22:22:58 -0500
Dan Sikorski <me at dansikorski.com> wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-12-01 at 09:31, Kevin wrote:
> > Anyone know of an SGI list similar to this one?  I
> > anticipate having several SGI/IRIX questions in the
> > near future and this being primarily a Sun list, i
> > don't want to "dirty" things up here.
> This list used to be called SunRescue, and was
> changed to Rescue so that it wouldn't be against the
> rules to ask about any other cool hardware.
> The description reads "Discussion about the rescue,
> upkeep, and restoration of Sun (and other
> workstation/server) hardware."
> Ask away!
> 	-Dan Sikorski
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