[rescue] SPARC memory query

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Sun Dec 1 12:58:45 CST 2002

Well you allways could go to sgi's plat in switzerland and find out 
yourselfe what they are building there? Ad maybe snag a few goods out of 
their dumpster hehehehehe....
I belive I saw a recent octane that got built in switzerland and I also 
have an indy that's built there...

On Sun, 1 Dec 2002 1:46PM -0500, Rico Pajarola wrote:
> On 29 Nov 2002 00:14:04 -0500, Dan Sikorski wrote:
>> I was wondering that recently, are Suns and SGI's made in the US? If
>> not, where?
> I know that my particular Indy has been manufactured near Geneva,
> Switzerland (strange coincidence... the machine has then been sold
> to a mining company in Australia, I bought it in the USA, and now
> it's come back to Switzerland).
> I know that because when I registered the machine on SGI's website,
> I got a phone call a few days later, where I was told the whole
> life-story of my machine... of course when I made clear that I
> couldn't afford a service contract, the phone call was over very
> quickly ;)
> That was a few years ago, I have no idea whether they're still
> producing in Switzerland (seems strange to me anyway).
> nice service anyway, ever registered your (used) dell, and got a
> personal call from dell a few days later, asking whether you want
> anything else for it?
> --rp
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