[rescue] Re: rescue digest, Vol 1 #1611 - 16 msgs

mike dombrowski rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 30 19:27:48 CDT 2001

>> I'm almost tempted to try finding some more FDDI stuff and play with 
it. I
>> also saw an SBUS CDDI card but since I don't run EISA, my copper 
>> cards are probably far down in the piles-o-mire... so I didn't 
>> getting it.
>CDDI is good food.  99.5% of my stuff at home is CDDI.  Its so much 
>to string cat5 around instead of having to pull fiber.  Its not quite 
>interference resistant as fiber, but it works pretty damn well.

Pah, by going CDDI you miss out on the biggest advantage of FDDI, the 
coolness factor. People aren't impressed when you show them a regular 
old cat5 cable and tell them it's basically the same speed as fast 
ethernet but costs more and nothing new supports it. But when you show 
them your brightly-colored cable of untappable, EM immune, glass data 
loving their eyes light up. Still want a 100baseT bridge, but if 
anybody got a 10baseT one I'm interested.


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