[rescue] SS1000 reassembly pictures

Larry Snyder rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 30 16:14:49 CDT 2001

David Rouse <drouse at mac.com> wrote:
> An interesting note -- I had orginally put in a newish Seagate SCA drive 
> in the drive tray andd I had used the drives' own rails (it had come 
> from another Sun box). This time I decided to put the orginal type rails 
> (from the orginal disk, which had failed). The system would not 
> recognize the drive. I put the new style rails back on and everything 
> worked. Why on earth?

I'll bite -- rail thickness/screw clearance?  SCA alignment?

Nice job on the pix.  Got any 'befores'?

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