[rescue] Netapp quad ethernet, also sbus FDDI card

Greg A. Woods rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 30 15:19:18 CDT 2001

[ On Saturday, June 30, 2001 at 15:35:01 (-0400), James Sharp wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: [rescue] Netapp quad ethernet, also sbus FDDI card
> CDDI is good food.  99.5% of my stuff at home is CDDI.  Its so much easier
> to string cat5 around instead of having to pull fiber.  Its not quite as
> interference resistant as fiber, but it works pretty damn well.

I've got some FDDI concentrators and there's an FDDI ring port on my
switch (both DEChub 900ms modules).

And I've also got three CDDI PCI cards that I bought off e-Bay a long
time ago but never did anything with (at least I think they're still
around -- they should be over at a colleague's house now).

I'd love to have at least my server and build machine(s) on faster
network connections, and somehow I'd like this stuff to all come

I could trade the CDDI cards for FDDI cards (my servers are all in the
cabinet right next to the switch cabinet, so ~15' fibre patches would be
enough), or if I could find some ultra-cheap media converters.....

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