[rescue] Netapp quad ethernet, also sbus FDDI card

Robert Novak rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 30 14:06:24 CDT 2001

Hi all,

As a data point for those of you building up your Netapps, I picked up a
PCI quad 10Base-T Ethernet card todaythat appears to be a Netapp item.
It's a Znyx card, assembly SA0014, with four DEC 21040-AA chips and what's
probably an IBM ASIC under the Znyx logo sticker. There's a Netapp
"tested" sticker on the back with a Dec. 97 date on it. 

So this may help some of you looking for multiple ethernets for your home
Netapps. Also seems to reinforce the rumour that DEC chip Ethernets
(particularly Znyx cards) of later generations may work as well. 

Also, I picked up a SBUS FDDI/S DAS 5.0 card (370-3143) which has two
fiber ports and a mini-DIN (6-pin) plug on the backplane. What's the
mini-DIN for? 

I'm almost tempted to try finding some more FDDI stuff and play with it. I
also saw an SBUS CDDI card but since I don't run EISA, my copper FDDIlink
cards are probably far down in the piles-o-mire... so I didn't ponder
getting it.

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