[rescue] Wanted; DEC Storageworks disks & cannisters

BSD Bob the old greybeard BSD freak rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 29 12:18:07 CDT 2001

> > Bill, be careful what you get.  There are jumpers that need proper
> > setting on the backside, internally in the SBB, and I can not get
> > some of the trays with the wide drives (2 and 4g) to work correctly
> > on my Alpha boxes.  The straight single ended ones like the RZ26L-VA
> > and the RZ28L-VA seem to work fine.  The -WC equivalents I can't get
> > to work, yet.  There is a ba350 pdf that covers setting the internal
> > jumpers correctly.  If you don't find it, I think I may be able to
> > find the pdf....maybe...
> > Bob
> I've just got a 350 and am just using narrow SE drives...

OK, if you need that pdf, I found it.... ba350ugc.pdf.  It has all
the settings you need to twiddle.

The ba350 has two busses internally, which can be jumpered to one buss
which is how I have mine.  It is not intuitively obvious.  Also, you
need to use the top connector in the bay (upper left if vertical),
since the other end is autoterminated, depending on how the jumpering
is set and what plugs are inside behind the fan covers.

If you have an incoming, somewhere, I can drop that pdf there for you.


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