NVRAM Decoding (Was Re: [rescue] Free Stuff and Questions)

Chris Powell rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 29 10:38:49 CDT 2001

Chris Terwilliger wrote:

> Here's some of mine sorted by label:
> 3/80    BA22    08:00:20:08:0b:a4
> SS1+    E7RG    08:00:20:09:80:dc
> SS1+    F78G    08:00:20:09:f4:ee
> ELC    H5KT    08:00:20:04:08:bd
> ELC    I1LT    08:00:20:04:aa:e1
> SS2    LEAF    08:00:20:10:96:bc
> IPX    RWQ3    08:00:20:0d:65:68
> SS2    UPYK    08:00:20:1b:f2:81
> SS10    Y6R5    08:00:20:1d:a9:01
> notice though that the H5KT, I1LT, and LEAF seem to be out of order with the
> rest.

I did figure that the first (of four) alphanumeric of the barcode label is
related to the fourth Ethernet byte - though not sequentially. However,
your list of labels/Ethernet addresses seems to disprove my findings. I'll
have to dig out my mapping of label/Ethernet.

I didn't get anywhere trying to get the fifth and sixth Ethernet bytes, or
the hostid. There must be a look up table somewhere (in Mountain View most
likely :).

Chris Powell.

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