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Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 29 09:05:02 CDT 2001

Here is another deal, for those interested - it is x86-based, so curb you


    It is a quick-ship package...

VALinux is offering a 1U server w/dual P/III 750 MHz CPUs, 512 Meg ECC SDRAM, 18
Gig SCSI drive (room for one more SCSI or IDE drive), dual 10/100 Ethernet ports,
CD-ROM, room for one short PCI card, RH Linux 6.2 + VA Enhancements, and slide
rackmount kit for $800. Oh, and a copy of O'Reilly's "Running Linux, 3rd

Now, P/III 750s are not the fastest CPU in the world, but they are *very nice* in
many uses, and two is always better than one ;^) - remember, this *includes* both

512 Meg RAM is a nice amount of RAM for a linux machine - there are two more
DIMM slots for ECC SDRAM, up to 1 Gig RAM.

The SCSI subsystem is supported via an add-in PCI card, so you lose one of the
two PCI slots - it takes up the larger of the two, leaving the short PCI slot
mentioned earlier.

Graphics are a simple 2 MB chipset (fine for server use)...

Oh, and they ship within 2 days, and UPS ground commercial delivery is $28.55 to
a certain house in NJ ;^P

Downside - VALinux, the seller, is getting out of the hardware business, but will
support this box for one year. The CPUs are unusual, so upgrading to a faster
CPU would be challenging. And finally, I hear that this unit has about 4 fans
installed, so it is far from silent.

But, VALinux has a great reputation for quality hardware (this is a re-badged
NetworkEngines Blazer)...

I just checked, and they are still offering this deal - they also have others,
but this is a real sweet-spot in their pricing structure (IMHO).


Michael Hansen wrote:

> Tugrul Galatali <tugrul at galatali.com> wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Jun 2001, Ken Hansen wrote:
> > Please, tell Lily I sent you - thanks, Ken
> >
> > http://n2vip.dyndns.org/comdisco.pdf
> >
> >       Acrobat Reader 5 + IE5 chokes on the second page of that... is it just
> >me?
> I'm using an old Mac Quadra 840av (40MHz 68040, 80MBs ram)
> with Netscape 4.7 and Acrobat 3.0, and I had no problems.
> (MacOS 7.5.5)
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