[Re: [rescue] Re:EMACS]

Michael Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 29 04:55:57 CDT 2001

>"Joshua D. Boyd" <jdboyd at cs.millersville.edu> wrote:
>I liked what that other guy said.  It's isn't a text editor with a built=

>in lisp.  It is a lisp environment that is considerate enough to throw i=
>a text editor.  I mean, you can ever write web servers to run natively i=
>emacs lisp.  What's not to like (in a grossing each other out, unix
>weenie sorta way)?

details, details...  but lets be honest here, how many people out there u=
emacs could give a rat's ass about anything to do with lisp?
I would be truly shocked if they exceed 2%. =

Lots of Insidious and Stupid Parentheses!
(from The Idea Factory - Pepper White)

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