NVRAM Decoding (Was Re: [rescue] Free Stuff and Questions)

Chris Terwilliger rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 23:18:10 CDT 2001

> I've been trying to figure it out too, but from the sounds of it Sun just
> has a massive database where you give them the 4 digits off of your NVRAM
> and they have all of your system's birth records. For example, one of my
> IPX's NVRAM is NJK7, with a MAC address of 08:00:20:0C:D2:FE, date of
> 2A 42 6F 8A and a serial of 21 00 20.
> Breaking NJK7 into hex and binary, I really can't see a way of flipping
> bits even to get 0C:D2:FE (NJK7 in binary doesn't even have 4 ones or
> zeros in a row

Yes, I've tried that, it doesn't make any sense.  I was hoping it was at
least a sequential database and we could start filling in the blanks...

Here's some of mine sorted by label:

3/80    BA22    08:00:20:08:0b:a4
SS1+    E7RG    08:00:20:09:80:dc
SS1+    F78G    08:00:20:09:f4:ee
ELC    H5KT    08:00:20:04:08:bd
ELC    I1LT    08:00:20:04:aa:e1
SS2    LEAF    08:00:20:10:96:bc
IPX    RWQ3    08:00:20:0d:65:68
SS2    UPYK    08:00:20:1b:f2:81
SS10    Y6R5    08:00:20:1d:a9:01

notice though that the H5KT, I1LT, and LEAF seem to be out of order with the

/// Chris Terwilliger
/// chris at searat.com

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