[rescue] Re: Dave's Fantasies.

Dan Sikorski rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 22:46:32 CDT 2001

Michael Hansen wrote:

> Hmm... on the subject of Dave's little peculiarities, perhaps
> he can expand on his research involving airborn gastrointestinal
> biproducts and conduit by modeling the dispersal of gasses and 
> particulates on his Cray. That would fall in the realm of CFD, wouldn't
> it? Besides, it would be useful to know, in case you are in an enclosed 
> space and someone lets one rip.

Someone already solved this, although i doubt they did all of the fluid 
dynamics calculations....   Check it out....

or, if you prefer to cut to the chase.....

I think that will speak for itself. (and no, this is not a gag, it's a 
real product that they DO sell)

   -Dan Sikorski

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