[rescue] Netapp

Hatle, Steven J. rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 21:52:58 CDT 2001


Glad toknow there are still some other 450's running out there! I'm curious-
what version of software are you running? I've got 4.3R4, which as far as I
know is that last version to support the 450/1400. I've also got 3.1, 3.0
and 2.0. 

4.3R4 also brought CIFS support, so all my Wintel stuff except the Win2K box
can see shares as well. I'm contemplating turning off CIFS, and just using
the M$ NFS gateway product to make the NetApp shares available to my W2K box
and work laptop. The *NIX boxes (including the iBook/OSX via Airport)
happily use it via NFS.

I haven't had any problems with Y2K on my boxes, other than that I can't set
the system date to anything after 1999. The clients don't care.  .  .


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