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Chris Terwilliger rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 20:22:48 CDT 2001

> Decoding old NVRAM barcodes:
> According to the NVRAM FAQ, it is possible for Sun to rebuild a NVRAM
> (for a price) if you give them the barcode off of the chip. Has anyone
> done this lately and if so, what is the price they give?
> Would it be possible to talk Sun into releasing this information to the
> hobbyist community for "unsupported" hardware (I'm defining unsupported as
> meaning unable to run Sol8, such as sun3x and sun4c

Yeah, I know you don't really need to know the original mac, but I think it
has some "geek" value.

How about we start pooling our knowledge of nvram label - mac relationships?
Maybe we can figure out their system if it has any sense to it.  I'd be
happy to host the web page for it...

/// Chris Terwilliger
/// chris at searat.com

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