[rescue] another flameware

rescue at sunhelp.org rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 20:21:44 CDT 2001

On 29 Jun 2001 jwbirdsa at picarefy.picarefy.com wrote:

>    I haven't bought a UPS in more than a year, so I just double-checked.
> The discounters still want $450 for a Back-UPS Pro 1400 (what I have), which
> is less fancy than a Smart-UPS, and APC thinks they're worth nearly $600 for

Much less fancy.  The Back-UPS series put out what is essentially
squarewave output, while the Smart-UPS does a credible sinewave.

> that or $730 for a Smart-UPS 1400. Who are MECI and where did they get APC
> units for this price? A hole in the warehouse wall? :)

They handle surplus anything and everything and sell cheap.  www.meci.com.
None of their are current UPS deals are particularly great, though their
rack cabinets aren't too bad.

A local store here has a good Smart-UPS 1400 with a dead battery for $79,
I'm tempted to grab it for additional capacity.  Gel-cells are easy to
come by.  They also had piles of SU 700's with dead batteries for $25/ea
or with good bats for $75/ea, I'll check on them if anyone is interested.


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