[rescue] Re: rescue digest, Vol 1 #1604 - 13 msgs

William Barnett-Lewis rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 19:26:28 CDT 2001

> RMS needs to shave, get an apartment, and take real baths, and people
> would respect him more.  Living in his office @ MIT and taking sponge
> baths in the bathroom?  Uhh, most people quit being "professional
> students" by 25 or so. 8-)
> Bill
That's it in a nutshell. How can you take him serious if he refuses to
take himself serious? I've asked him for help 2? 3? perhaps 4? times now
in getting the MIT Lisp Machine code released. He's been less than
helpful at best - I personally think because it doesn't suit his
personal political positions, even if it would fit his more public

(Shrug.) We all have an ax or three that needs grinding...


You better watch out    What you wish for;
It better be worth it   So much to die for.
                                Courtney Love

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