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Thu Jun 28 19:12:27 CDT 2001

On 28 Jun 2001 jwbirdsa at picarefy.picarefy.com wrote:

>    I have a flock of UPSes, ranging from 450VA TrippLite units (never had
> any trouble with TrippLite stuff) through to 1400VA and 1500VA APC and
> Cyberpower units. The APCs are nice, but horrendously overpriced for my
> purposes, which is why I started buying Cyberpower. I was suspicious at
> first of a 1500VA UPS for a smidge over $200, and I tested the first one
> that I got, but it performed as billed, at least for what I need.

When MECI has the SmartUPS 1400's they go for about $219, brand new.  I
paid much less but this is the best "regular" deal I've found.

>    Where I am, power problems come in two sizes: seconds and hours/days.
> I can't afford the thousands of dollars required to provide extended

Refurb 5KW generator:         $399
8 gallons of gas:             $ 14
Break-make transfer switch:   $ 55

The look on your neighbors face as you weather a California rolling
blackout without rebooting: Priceless.


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