[rescue] Re: Dave's Fantasies.

Michael Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 19:11:33 CDT 2001

>"G W Adkins" <gwadkins at erols.com> wrote:
> > >   I think I'm going to take up veterinary medicine.  This industry =
> > > shot.

> > I'd prefer being an NT admin to shoving my hand up a cow's ass.
> =

>   I wouldn't.
> =

>    -Dave McGuire

>I'm sure dave has some personal fantasy involved here,
>I'm also sure I DON'T want to know what it is...


Hmm... on the subject of Dave's little peculiarities, perhaps
he can expand on his research involving airborn gastrointestinal
biproducts and conduit by modeling the dispersal of gasses and =

particulates on his Cray. That would fall in the realm of CFD, wouldn't
it? Besides, it would be useful to know, in case you are in an enclosed =

space and someone lets one rip. You would then be able to better guess =

where the cleanest air would be. Of course, I would hate to have to
design an experiment to verify the results. Anyone know where to =

get a surplus M8 NBC detector? Maybe several of them could be installed
at intervals from the test subject and the time difference between
when the fart is emitted and when it reaches each sensor could be logged.=

An acoustic or seismic sensor could determine the t-sub-0. =

-Mike H.

"Rob, I wish you wouldn't use the words "American
Intelligence" to describe what it is that you do."
-Air America

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