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Thu Jun 28 19:05:47 CDT 2001

Dan Debertin wrote:

> I don't see that this is necessary ... If you replace your NVRAM chip with
> a new one, you can reprogram it yourself from the PROM monitor with mkp

You can reset one that has an invalid checksum, too. I've done it, when
I took the prom from my SLC and stuck it in the SS2. I don't remember
what it was complaining about, maybe having been turned off for three
years or something. Anyway, it's pretty simple. Check the FAQ.


> commands. The procedure for this is in the FAQ as well. I have done this
> sucessfully on several sun4c machines -- just make up a MAC address
> beginning with 00:80:20.

Isn't that supposed to be 8:0:20? (Mine's 8:0:20:c0:ff:ee. Heh. I
suspect a few others out there are as well.)


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