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rescue at sunhelp.org rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 18:36:20 CDT 2001

   I have a flock of UPSes, ranging from 450VA TrippLite units (never had
any trouble with TrippLite stuff) through to 1400VA and 1500VA APC and
Cyberpower units. The APCs are nice, but horrendously overpriced for my
purposes, which is why I started buying Cyberpower. I was suspicious at
first of a 1500VA UPS for a smidge over $200, and I tested the first one
that I got, but it performed as billed, at least for what I need.

   Where I am, power problems come in two sizes: seconds and hours/days.
I can't afford the thousands of dollars required to provide extended
uptimes, so the purpose of my UPS farm is to ride out the few-second-long
glitches that we get now and then, some of which are so short that the
lights don't even blink. If they can last five minutes under load, that
satisfies my requirements by saving me an hour's work rebooting everything
after a two-second power failure.

   --James B.

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