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Dan Debertin rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 17:13:47 CDT 2001

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Neil McNeight wrote:

> According to the NVRAM FAQ, it is possible for Sun to rebuild a NVRAM
> (for a price) if you give them the barcode off of the chip. Has anyone
> done this lately and if so, what is the price they give?
> Would it be possible to talk Sun into releasing this information to the
> hobbyist community for "unsupported" hardware (I'm defining unsupported as
> meaning unable to run Sol8, such as sun3x and sun4c)?

I don't see that this is necessary ... If you replace your NVRAM chip with
a new one, you can reprogram it yourself from the PROM monitor with mkp
commands. The procedure for this is in the FAQ as well. I have done this
sucessfully on several sun4c machines -- just make up a MAC address
beginning with 00:80:20.

> I also have two older SGI keyboard/mouse controllers. These are individual
> boxes with 5-pin DIN for the keyboard and a female DB-9 for the mouse on
> one end, and a male DB-25 on the other end. There is a number stamped on
> the bottom: "6000-215 A ST". Each comes with a Hawley 3-button mouse.
> If you think they are worth something, then feel free to pay me.
> Otherwise, feel free to rob me blind: they are not connected to anything
> and (for me, anyway) are just taking up space.

At first, I thought you were referring to kbds/mouses themselves, but
after rereading this again, I really have no idea _what_ this is, but I
don't think it's a keyboard ;).

I'm on the lookout for a keyboard/mouse for the SGI Personal IRIS series
... they look like PS/2 but are completely incompatible with it. If you've
got one or know where to find them, I'd be interested.

Dan D.
Dan Debertin
airboss at nodewarrior.org

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