[rescue] Free Stuff and Questions

Neil McNeight rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 16:06:31 CDT 2001


first, the questions, and then the free stuff :)

Decoding old NVRAM barcodes:
According to the NVRAM FAQ, it is possible for Sun to rebuild a NVRAM
(for a price) if you give them the barcode off of the chip. Has anyone
done this lately and if so, what is the price they give?
Would it be possible to talk Sun into releasing this information to the
hobbyist community for "unsupported" hardware (I'm defining unsupported as
meaning unable to run Sol8, such as sun3x and sun4c)?

Cleaning a QIC-150 tape drive:
Any suggestions on finding head cleaning supplies for this one? A source
for a couple of new tapes would be nice too.

Free (plus shipping):
I have an old sun3 SCSI cable (*large* 50-pin connectors) that is 6 feet

I also have two older SGI keyboard/mouse controllers. These are individual
boxes with 5-pin DIN for the keyboard and a female DB-9 for the mouse on
one end, and a male DB-25 on the other end. There is a number stamped on
the bottom: "6000-215 A ST". Each comes with a Hawley 3-button mouse.
If you think they are worth something, then feel free to pay me.
Otherwise, feel free to rob me blind: they are not connected to anything
and (for me, anyway) are just taking up space.


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