[rescue] Netapp

Stephen Dowdy rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 15:58:21 CDT 2001

> I have two NetApps: a 450 and a 1400. The 450 is a 486 EISA box with a huge
> tower case that has two power supplies and room for 14 internal SCSI drives.

I've got 2 450s and 6 F330s at the Univ here.  They're really nice boxes
and our failure rate has been quite low.
> I user/hobbyist license would be ideal- whether it's worth it or not for
> NetApp is perhaps debatable. I doubt that there are that many surplused
> boxes out there that they would care. Would be nice, though.

I seriously doubt NetApp would have *any* interest in this.  They've been
*MIGHTY* good to us as a edu/research institute, but i doubt the suits
would see any benefit in a hobbyist deal.
> BTW, you might want to check that the F330 is Y2k compliant; neither of my
> boxes are. I just told them that it was 1972 last year so the days of the

Hmm, i'm not aware of any Y2K issues on any of my netapps.  You have to
have a maintenance contract to get s/w updates, one of which might gain
you Y2k compliancy.

> are a little picky about which drives you put in- Barracudas have always
> been OK. The NetApp software checks the SCSI ID string of the drive, and
> will complain if it's "not approved".

Not only the vendor ID, but the FIRMWARE level as well!  We've binary
hacked the on-disk system code to get it to accept some of our
"non-approved" disks in the past.  However, we couldn't hack the floppy
utilities, since they're in some compressed format we couldn't easily
manipulate.  The supported disk list is a very small subset of reality.
(iirc, some fujis, seagates, and an IBM or two, totallying perhaps
20 individual drive types and f/w combos).  NetApp would like to make
some $$$ on selling you the drives in the SBB's (Storageworks Building
Blocks -- aka canisters)

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