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As Rob's message stated, the magic here is not in the hardware, but in the
software. The hardware is not very exotic, except perhaps for the
NVRAM/cache card. Otherwise, the F330 is basically a Pentium 100 and some

I have two NetApps: a 450 and a 1400. The 450 is a 486 EISA box with a huge
tower case that has two power supplies and room for 14 internal SCSI drives.
The 1400 is basically the rack version of the 450, and uses Storageworks
style shelves like the 330 in question. The internal bays in the 330 would
be for mounting a tape drive, if you wanted to backup the filer directly-
it's not intended that any of the data drives be internal. The 330 is
"upscale" from mine- heck, it is a Pentium <grin>.  I  was lucky enough to
get software and valid keys for both my machines. Without the software/keys,
it's basically not going to do much.

I user/hobbyist license would be ideal- whether it's worth it or not for
NetApp is perhaps debatable. I doubt that there are that many surplused
boxes out there that they would care. Would be nice, though.

BTW, you might want to check that the F330 is Y2k compliant; neither of my
boxes are. I just told them that it was 1972 last year so the days of the
week would match the days of the month, and they haven't complained about
it. . .It _is_ nice to have 30+ gig of NFS and CIFS available storage
hanging off the wire from the 450. I just got the 1400 running last week- if
anyone has 2 or 4 gig Barracudas they want to part with, let me know! They
are a little picky about which drives you put in- Barracudas have always
been OK. The NetApp software checks the SCSI ID string of the drive, and
will complain if it's "not approved".

BTW, my two NetApps are 'maytag' and 'kenmore'. My wife doesn't understand.
.  .


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> > I came across one on ebay.  They certainly are visually snazzy devices.
> what is something like this worth?  i'll pay $100 for it, but i don't want
> to
> sink myself too deeply.  ah, i'll open the bid and leave it there.  it's
> got
> FDDI after all. :)
> -brian
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