[rescue] Something I found at work...

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Thu Jun 28 14:41:21 CDT 2001

An HP 9000/817S is questionable shape.  Anyone familiar with this box?  I
know it can't be *too* ancient, as we had support on it as recently as
1997 or so.  But I can't seem to get any decent console output(I found the
CPU, a serial port mux breakout + terminal, a SCSI SE and misc. cables).
I get dropped into a 


prompt if I do a ctrl-b after poweron, but it looks like I'm being dropped
into a config screen for the serial mux, not the ISL/IPL.  

Clues? :) (dirty from digging this thing out of the shop floor, but happy
with my find)

Ed Mitchell (ed<-at->the7thbeer.com)
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