[rescue] SuperSPARC 10, Linux and snort/ACID problems - HELP

Simeon Johnston rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 12:02:30 CDT 2001

I have a SS10 running as a firewall and am trying to get snort running.
We are trying to set it up with a postgresql database and ACID.  It was
working with a x86 machine but the SS10 seems to have some date
problems.  How do I set the date in the prom?  Is it Y2K compliant (I
have no idea.  It has reset back to 1969.  I thought it was but am not
sure anymore).  Is there a upgrade path for this machine if it isn't?
Battery replacement?
I think that is the only problem right now.  Postgresql keeps
complaining about the date and dies.  Snort seems to be running great
except not the way we want it to.

We have the same problem with our Alpha server.  Is there any way to fix
that too?
I don't really know how the Alpha systems are set up but this is all the
information I could get quickly.
The processor id is EV56
The computer model is RPX and Deskstation is on the case in big letters
so that might mean something.
Anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it?  Will we have to
upgrade some proms (if that is even possible)?

Any help is appreciated

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