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James Fogg rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 11:23:50 CDT 2001

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, THOU SPAKE:
> Beg pardon? Linux is not derived from BSD in any way. The kernel as well
> as the userland are mostly written from scratch; the kernel by Torvalds
> (et al.) and most of the userland tools by the GNU project. There are a
> couple of tools (like cal, col or write) that come from BSD, and the
> printing system is a BSD, not a SystemV printing system, but this is in
> my opinion not enough to label it as a BSD. And, for your information,
> there is virtually no difference in the basic tools between the
> different Linux distributions. As regards most of the system calls,
> Linux is, as I said, a bastard between BSD and SVR4.
> Solaris, by the way, is also not *derived* from SVR4 -- it *is* *a*
> SVR4. SVR4 is not a software product from which you can "derive"
> something -- it is a specification that is implemented by many different
> vendors. All major commercial Unices are SVR4 systems, and many
> implement the standards that extended SVR4, like POSIX, XPG4, SUS and
> SUSv2 (not too sure about the chronological order.)
> If you label Linux as a BSD derivative, and if you make a difference
> between the distributions in this regard, you have a somewhat strange
> notion of what a BSD derivative is. Perhaps you'd care to explain what
> you think constitutes the difference between SVR4 and BSD?
> -- 
> Yours, Sebastian Kirsch <skirsch at moebius.inka.de>

Well, actually, I couldn't give a dam. And I do know where the kernels came
from. If my use of the terms "derivative" is incorrect, sorry. Maybe "BSD
filesystem-structure-like" would be more pleasing? The seeds of this debate
were never concealed, I haven't worked with "BSD-like" Unix varients. While
were at it, lets not call any of this Unix, since thats an AT+T O/S (now SCO?).
Stand proud on your correctness, but I stand by what I said - I am
uncomfortable with netBSD, freeBSD and Debian. Their filesystem structures are
odd to me.

And I don't stay up late memorizing Unix and Unix-like O/S history. In fact,
O/S's of any kind are not my primary focus in life. I just have to live with
them in the daily grind of my job (unless routers start offering services like
DNS). I will sleep soundly tonight knowing that there are people out there who
devote their lives to archiving these sorts of things so the rest of us can
bask in their knowledge.

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