[rescue] Off Topic and Flammable (Was: Monty Python - Cheques)

Mattias Nordlund rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 28 02:15:50 CDT 2001

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Neil McNeight wrote:

> > From: Mattias Nordlund <mathew at eagle.y.se>
> > > Well, lets see... there were those two world wars....
> > >
> >
> > Wich ones you could never have won without the russians, they was the ones
> > that saved Europe. Whatever you think fo Stalin and his gang, it was still
> > the russian people that won the war, it was only after they had beaten the
> > germans bloody and seemed to take all of germany that USA woke up.
> True, but only for 1 world war (the second, in case you were wondering).
> For the First World War, the Russians pulled out after Red October
> (actually November, 1917 by the Gregorian calendar), and freed the
> Germans fighting on the Eastern Front to fight England, France and the US.
> There was also the question of Allied supplies in Bolshevik hands, which
> prompted the Archangel expedition (the only time American troops
> directly fought Russian Bolsheviks). Some help.

More true for World War 2, after the fall of France and germanys inability
to beat the UK, they concentrated theirer forces against Russia, there was
lots of tropes moved from the western front (france) to the east. To take
Stalingrad and Russia. I don't say that US did not do anything to help beat
the germans, but I hate when they think they did it alone. There were
people from NYZ, India, the African colonies, Australia that also helped
to win the war.

> And, for some guidance on Sweden's "neutrality" during WW2, perhaps you
> should read http://www.house.gov/international_relations/crs/sweden.htm
> and figure out what would have happened to all the neutral countries that
> collaborated with Nazi Germany once all resistance on both fronts had been
> eliminated.

As you seem to have noticed I'm from Sweden, and I think I know a lot more
then you about Swedens neutrality, Sweden was and are an independent
country, we are allowd to do what we want. And that was to stay neutral in
the war. I can't see anything in that text that is new to me, I'm not
proud that we sold iron to germany, but as a independent country we are
allowed to export whatever we wan't, to whoever we want.
Neutral is something that has to do with war, not trade,
and Sweden stayed neutral thru the whole WW2 (and WW1 for that matter).
And I can't say that I complain that the goverment at that time succeded
to keep Sweden out of war, I have no illusion that Sweden would be part
of the Germany reich, had they won the war, but thats another story.
There was only two roads to walk, either be swallowed up like Norway
and Denmark or try to stay out of the war. What would that have helped?


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