[rescue] learning vi...

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 27 15:51:20 CDT 2001

When I was in college (mid-eighties), I learned vi quite quickly - the CS instructor at my college had put up a one-page cheat sheet showing how to yank and paste, manage file buffers, etc. - I used to just look up at the cheat sheet whenever I wanted to do anything in vi. The other weapon in my education of vi wa "robots" (the game) - it uses the same cursor movement keys as vi, and in the Pac Man/Asteroids era of video games, it was pretty fun!

I once, just to prove I could, "tee"'d off a game of robots to a file, then mailed that file to the sysadmin - who got to watch all the excitement of my robots game at 9600 baud - sort of a video tape of my game!


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