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Wed Jun 27 15:04:07 CDT 2001

[ On Wednesday, June 27, 2001 at 14:10:50 (-0500), Amy wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: [rescue] Re:EMACS
> you know, i think someone once made a similar comment about how windows is
> easier to learn...

well I have empirical evidence!  ;-)

(I think the comment about windows might have been stolen from soneome
talking about the macintosh, and I've got lots of empirical evidence
that Macs are easy to learn and use, quite in contrast the the
experiences the same people have had with X11 or M$-windows)

> > 	http://www.messengers-of-messiah.org/~csebold/emacs/why.phtml
> appropriate domain for the product of a zealot.

Now now!  ;-)

(I think he is a zealot, but not an emacs zealot....  :-)

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