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Greg A. Woods rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 27 13:54:54 CDT 2001

[ On Wednesday, June 27, 2001 at 13:08:11 (-0400), Brian Hechinger wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: [rescue] Re:EMACS
> right, emacs is for developers, vi is for everyone else.  oh, you already said
> that.  hmmm, i'm on a roll today. :)

Personally I think it should be 'emacs' for developers and everyone
else, with 'vi' for the 'vi weenies'.

Emacs is much much easier to learn, especially for someone who's never
used a keyboard-only text editor before (and of course under X11 it's
got full mouse support too).

Even my SO, who started out being a non-computer person, and who learned
'vi' first, was convinced to give emacs a good go after reading this:


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