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[ On Wednesday, June 27, 2001 at 07:55:06 (-0400), Joshua D. Boyd wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: [rescue] Re:EMACS
> On 27 Jun 2001, Michael Hansen wrote:
> > Aww, come on, were talking about a text editor with built
> > in support for LISP!!! Also, it's huge! And slow! 
> Lisp is perhaps the greatest system ever.

Well, it was.  It suffers greatly in comparison to the likes of Smalltalk.

>  Plus, if something is written
> in lisp (like emacs was originally), then it is easy to add lisp scripting
> to that something (like lisp).

And then there's the likes of AutoCAD to which they added a lisp
interpreter so that they could make use of a half-decent interpreted
language for adding custom extensions.

> And slow is all in what you compare it to.  It is much faster than say,
> Visual Studio.  Much slower than vi.  But some people like the extra
> features.

I dunno.  Emacs starts slower than vi, but I only ever start it once or
twice  per session, and from there it runs a lot faster, at least if I'm
only doing things that vi could only do.....

Of course viewing the "HELLO" document can slow you down a bit as it
causes the X server to load pretty much every international font you've
got on your font server, and then some.   But that's something vi could
never do in a million years!  ;-)

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