[rescue] RE: So, they *did* sell like hot cakes!

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 27 11:15:11 CDT 2001

Um, yeah - wait. She said they were going to get mor ein about 4-6 weeks (as they come off lease).

If you need something right now, consider the Ultra 5, though I suspect the shipping will exceed $125 (it was $80 for my Ultra 30 system unit only). But it does have that nice big monitor (20/21" - can't remember now).

I may eBay one of my Ultra 30s, but I would be doing so in hopes of a profit (ideally, I'd like to get $850 for it + S/H - that would leave me with a *free* Ultra 30!). If you are willing to offer something between the $425 I am paying ($350 for the unit, $75 to ship to me) and the cost for two ($700 for the two units, $150 to ship them to me), I'd be happy to discuss it with you...


(PS - When I bought mine (Friday AM), Lily said they had about 15 of them - Who bought them all? Fess up...)



I've contacted Lily on Monday and she's claimed that they're all out of
Ultra 30s since Friday - any idea what's going on here??  Might help the
rest of us who'd like to buy 1 or 2 of these boxes...


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