[rescue] RE: Lot of stuff, shippig rambles, etc...

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 27 10:53:02 CDT 2001

Interesting - I know nothing about the 670MP, but the other machines may or may not be worth something ($0 -> $25/ea, barring *exceptional* "stuffings" (RAM, HD, etc.)

Looks like it would fit in most sport utilities, if you can "hump" the 670MP over the bumper.

My wife would kill me (OK, ok, be really annoyed) if I brought that load of equipment home - but I would enjoy the monitor...

If anyone between Trenton and Rochester is interested in the stuff, I'd be interested in buying the monitor from you (probably enough to cover travel expenses hauling the lot home)...

I've lost *two* GDM-1962b moitors to shipping - both to UPS. In both cases the monitors were poorly packed (IMHO) - hence my new rule, never buy a monitor from an individual that has to ship it in anything other than original packaging.

I also had a *huge* laserjet 4MV (11"x17", Postscript, less than 20K pages) that died in transit. I drove it down to Crofton, MD (Hello Dave!) last weekend with my son to have them look at it - turns out a belt came off in transit... A three-hour repair to fix. I decided to drive it down to avoid UPS getting two more chances to destroy it. I'll be going down to Crofton, MD again this Saturday (Are you anywhere near there Dave?) to pick it up.



There is a lot of sun gear in Rochester on ebay.  For people complaining
about lack of stuff on east coast.


Includes a 670MP machine, rest is SS2s and IPXs.

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