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Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 27 06:49:11 CDT 2001

There is a firewire board, if that is what you are refering to.  Never
tried it though.  They also have 601 boards, but I don't remeber if 601 is
digital or analouge.  That's higher end video than I have yet to come in
contact with.

Joshua Boyd

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, [iso-8859-1] Bj=F6rn Ramqvist wrote:

> "Joshua D. Boyd" wrote:
> >=20
> > Well, originally, the O2 came with a nice video module.  That later
> > became an option though, so if it is a really old O2, then it probably =
> > video, if it is fairly new, probably no go.
> Btw, I've never dealt with O2 hardware, but isn't it the "analogue
> video" (and yes that's ENGLISH) option you want? I think I've read
> somewhere about a digital video board.
> /Bjorn
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