[rescue] Re: DisSpousal units

Amy rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 27 04:59:35 CDT 2001

On 27 Jun 2001, Michael Hansen wrote:
> That's a bad thing? "surplus depot" is exactly the kind of theme I 
> was going for. Of course, this might explain why I am single, broke,
> and living with my parents. Or maybe it's just that I'm broke and
> living with my parents? Ah, who needs an MOS when you have a 
> Sun SPARCstation or two (or five, or seven...)

i dont mind computers (especially the better designed ones, aesthetically
speaking) being around the house. i don't even mind that i'm using a sun 2
as a plant stand on the front porch. i dont much care that the directions
to our house include the phrase "look for the sun rack out front". i can
get over the fact that we have computers up on blocks in the backyard next
to the dogloo. i'm even willing to accept semi-large additions to the
collection as long as i'm bribed correctly and expensively (hey, why

i will not, however, accept living without furniture. we've got a bed and
two desks. dats it. no tables, no nothing else. it's eerie...

and there are a few good reasons to choose so's over computers. for one,
they do laundry, clean, and some even cook. they keep ya warm at night
and occasionally mow the lawn. and oh yeah, a computer cant ask ya how
your day went at 5pm and then mercilessly molest you. :)


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