[rescue] Re: DisSpousal units

Michael Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 27 04:02:47 CDT 2001

>i know the main thing that irritates me about all the computers isnt the=

>fact that they exist in quantity..it's that we have no furniture.
>it makes me feel like i'm living in a surplus depot instead of a house.

That's a bad thing? "surplus depot" is exactly the kind of theme I =

was going for. Of course, this might explain why I am single, broke,
and living with my parents. Or maybe it's just that I'm broke and
living with my parents? Ah, who needs an MOS when you have a =

Sun SPARCstation or two (or five, or seven...)

"Rob, I wish you wouldn't use the words "American
Intelligence" to describe what it is that you do."
-Air America

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