[rescue] SGI and Intel (was: Another fine business decision for us axp-lovers)

Björn Ramqvist rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 27 02:41:42 CDT 2001

Dave McGuire wrote:
> > So, on NetBSD, how do they get around the fact that GCC sucks on most risc
> > implementations?
>   I have NO idea.  NetBSD is *really really fast* on Alpha machines.  I
> guess I'd attribute it to lots of in-depth Alpha talent in a few of
> the core developers.  Some of those guys have a frighteningly thorough
> knowledge of Alpha hardware.

Some time ago I talked to Ragge (NetBSD/VAX maintainer) and he spoke
some about ex-Digital folks helping with DEC hardware ports. NetBSD
still amazes me.


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