[rescue] The end of alpha

Björn Ramqvist rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 27 02:38:24 CDT 2001

"Greg A. Woods" wrote:
> > Somehow, I'm not surprised. Pissed and disappointed, but not surprised.
> Of course not.  The very same thing almost happened before Compaq bought
> DEC.  Only that time someone wasn't sure they got their money's worth (I
> don't remember which), there was some other intellectual property
> dispute, and in the end all Intel got was a part of the pie.  Now
> they've squashed the rest so nobody will want to eat it any more.

Well, the main concern when the Compaq-deal went through was that
suddenly my customers 15-20 year habbit of DEC-hardware, may by that day
go obsolete. Vanish into a mighty PeeCee-blurb company. It's a good
thing it turned out the way it did, it could have gone far far worse.
(I'm happy to see 'StorageWorks' concept evolve, for example)

I even thought this was actually a bright idea, to slice up high-end
computing into Alpha division, disaster-tolerant Tandem in another and
put the PeeCee-stuff in a third arena. But, someone just have to prove
their new suit and "reorganize" things around, just to screw us all
again, big this time.


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