Moving to Ireland was Re: [rescue] Monty Python - Cheques

William Staniewicz rescue at
Tue Jun 26 19:17:15 CDT 2001


I hope things go easier for you as you begin living in Ireland.
Just over a year ago I began the process of relocating which
involved selling a home, moving stuff into storage, moving
stuff out of storage, parting with my "wheels" (Grand Marquis),
and learning how to "think" European... or rather "Dutch".
It took several trips back and forth but I am through the
worst part I think. I just enjoyed a great afternoon on the
beach today feel energized for the next couple cooler, rainy

Here is the Netherlands I am getting ADSL service connected
this Friday. I am fortunate that Holland is very good about keeping
up with the technologies and in several cases establishing
it's own mark in the field.

The only accent problem is my "Boston" accent.. but most
are amused by it. Also, most Dutch people speak better
english than Americans. I think it is my reponsibility to learn
Nederlands though which is slowly evolving.

Have fun!


> The short answer is, the move is still going.
> And to top it all of,  the house I live in doesnt have a phone line, cable,
> or DSL (there is very very little DSL in Ireland) so the only net access I
> have right now is from work, which blows goats lemme tell ya.
> Oh and no, they don't make fun of my American accent. THey're too busy
> making fun of the Spanish, French, German, and Japanese accents all around
> them ;-)

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