[rescue] RE: Why buy DEC when you can get the milk for free?

William W. Arnold rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 26 19:10:23 CDT 2001

Larry Snyder writes ---
>Sheesh --- Their marketing sold it to your suits, and now your marketing
>is selling it to other suits.  Do I see a _total_ disconnect between the
>games being played at that level and the (hopefully) knowledgable geeks
>in the trenches...and this is de rigeur (sp) in the corporate world.

Actually, our suits knew it was going to be worthless from a
security point of view.  They have a very high opinion of our
security standards (too high sometimes).  And, BTW, our suits
are the ones who went looking.

The problem is, many of the RFP's we respond to require a
third party security evaluation.  But our in-house security
clue is high enough that to get any improvement from an outside
source would require more money that we can possibly justify.

So they (our suits) went looking specificly for a *Big Name*,
that would look impressive, instead of looking for someone
competent.  (They also paid for the smallest service that
said Name provided, that would allow us to use their name)

-billy- warnold at vipnet.org

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