[rescue] RE: Why buy DEC when you can get the milk for free?

Chris Petersen rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 26 16:17:10 CDT 2001

On June 26, Bill Bradford wrote:
> > I hear they just use nessus these days.
> Thats probably what it was.  In our sysadmin meeting, "we paid these
> guys HOW MUCH money to run stuff we could have done in 10 minutes, for
> free?"

Actually, since I'm in some sort of "fair" mood this week (probably to do
with the Unix vs. NT mindset I'm successfully battling this week [1]), I'll
mention that my last employer had PWC do a minimal security audit that
sounds a lot like what you describe.  However, in our case, it was a freebie
that they offered tied to the accounting auditing services we already had
them handling.  The boss shrugged his shoulders and said "Why not?".  We got
a similar output, equally lame, but paid $0 for it.  In the end we came to
find out that it was PWC's way of trying to build a security consultancy -
they tried to pitch us further services based on the output...


Chris Petersen
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[1] battling with both arms tied behind my back and still winning hands
down, mind you...only it's HP-UX, since this is an HP shop.  Ah, still beats
oracle running on NT servers across some horrid WAN connection to
Romania...at least I can work with HP-UX under those conditions...

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