[rescue] SGI and Intel (was: Another fine business decision for us axp-lovers)

James Sharp rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 26 13:43:13 CDT 2001

> On June 26, Al Potter wrote:
> > >   ...purely for the sake of the press that it will get them.
> >
> > And the free (think free bier) operating system (say goodbye to IRIX), and all
> > of the pre-ported, community supported applications that come with it.

Yeah.  All those wonderful Linux/i386 applications.

And until Linux can perform just as well as Irix can on the MIPS
architecture and with SGI's god-in-a-box video hardware, I'm sticking with

If I wanted 8 bit unaccelerated video, I'd stuff a CG6 into a sparc 20 &
run with that.

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