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Tue Jun 26 12:40:27 CDT 2001

The short answer is, the move is still going.

I got back to San Jose on the 25th of may raring to go, but from that point
on things kind of went flaky. The movers were supposed to be there on the
30th and never showed up. Then we couldnt rent a truck for a week (most
popular moving time of the year) so we had to pay for an extra week in CA.

So we pack everything ourselves, and move everything to the storage facility
and head on off down the road to visit the mother in Phoenix (she's doing a
bit better BTW, but she's still not out of the woods). On the way down to
PHX, I go to the ATM to grab some cash, and I find that my bank balance is a
bout $2000 less than it should be. It turns out there was a clerical problem
and my first Irish paycheck wasnt processed properly. They originally took
the deposit and credited my account, but then 10 whole days later they
reversed the credit to my account, and proceeded to charge me overdraft

So we end up stuck in PHX with no cash. My employer finally wires us the
money after a couple of days, but it takes my bank the rest of a week to
process it.

Anyway we are now three weeks in to our planned three week process, and we
are still in PHX, with a three day drive to KY in front of us. We head off
sunday morning and get to KY early morning tuesday, about 12 hours after my
original flight was scheduled to leave. We managed to reschedule it for
thursday evening, so instead of the two weeks Drea and I were supposed to
have to relax and be together before I left again for Ireland we had two

Finally thursday rolls around, and I am at the airport the requested two
hours in advance, only to find that my airline jsut cancelled 127 flights
(not including my own) and was frantically re-routing all the other
passengers. It eventually took them three and a half hours to check me in
from Louisville to Chicago with the flight delayed 90 minutes, leaving me
twenty minutes to get checked in and on the plane to ireland once I got to
O'Hare. If you've ever been through O'Hare you know this is a physical

But, I did make it (just) and touched down around 9 am friday. I had lunch
with the boss, went home and slept the rest of the weekend.

So anyway I'm finally alive, well, and back, but all my stuff is in storage
in california, and my darling dear is in Kentucky, so I'm spread a bit thin
if you know what I mean ;-)

And to top it all of,  the house I live in doesnt have a phone line, cable,
or DSL (there is very very little DSL in Ireland) so the only net access I
have right now is from work, which blows goats lemme tell ya.

Anyway I'll be getting back into the swing of things over the next week or
two, 'til then don't mind me if I occaisonally go insane or summat


Oh and no, they don't make fun of my American accent. THey're too busy
making fun of the Spanish, French, German, and Japanese accents all around
them ;-)

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> How'd the move go?  Do they make fun of your American accent? 8-)
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