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Bill Bradford rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 26 10:53:07 CDT 2001

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 05:21:18PM +0200, Sebastian Marius Kirsch wrote:
> One important characteristic of USB is -- while it is *damn* slow --
> that it's possible to reserve a portion of the bandwidth for one device,
> for instance for a webcam. I think this is essential for a bus like USB,
> and this cannot be done with ethernet. (ATM can do that, though. But I
> don't think we will see ATM on the desktop anytime soon. ;-))

Two things I *like* about USB:

1.  It doesent kill the system (like a parallel port scanner)
2.  Hot-pluggable

Things I *dont* like about it:

1. Stuff that takes power from the bus, requiring you to have
exotic chains of powered / unpowered devices and hubs

I finally went all-USB (scanner/kb/mouse) a couple of weeks ago,
and have no more PS/2 devices. 8-)


Bill Bradford
mrbill at mrbill.net
Austin, TX

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