[rescue] More Begging...

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Thanks man, I appreciate it!


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look at http://www.dragonphyre.net/complete

  I put the xyplex manual and software there for download.

At 10:47 AM 6/25/01 -0500, you wrote:
>There's a guy here in Mpls. who has Xyplex 1600's for $30. each.
>Anyone have the Xyplex software, btw?
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>Ok, so I'll beg again....
>I *really* need a rack (read cabinet) for all my wonderful elderly
>computers (suns, vaxes, dec's, etc).  Anyhow, does anyone in the greator
>PA area (NY, NJ, PA, DC, MD, DE) have one that needs a good geeky home?
>Also looking for an inexpensive terminal server.  Mike Nicewonger - did U
>have some for sale?  Thanks everyone.
>-Linc Fessenden
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