[rescue] Another fine business decision for us axp-lovers

Björn Ramqvist rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 26 02:52:00 CDT 2001

Dave McGuire wrote:
> > Hold up a second.  SGI is also heading towards Intel.
>   Uhh, what?
>   SGI had one Intel-based product line that is failing.  This doesn't
> constitute "heading towards Intel".

I think he refers to this statement back from '98:

"* Incorporate Intel's IA32TM technology into Silicon Graphics
   workstation product lines (expected to be introduced in the
   second half of 1998) and port its established 64-bit IRIX
   operating system to Intel's MercedTM/IA64TM platform"

I don't know how far this has gone, but there's an awful lot of
PeeCee-boxes @ SGI nowadays. I can't tell jack sh** about if they have
sold 10 or 1000 Intel-boxes, but I know the MIPS/IRIX-line won't last
long if they keep up their heavily overpriced attitude.
God knows how many deals where customers choose Sun over SGI just
because of the price/performance ratio.

I don't know but from what I can see, customers aren't that interested
in SGI Wintel-boxes cause they don't exactly rely on the technology.
Many deals on "high-end" Wintel CAE-boxes goes to IBM.


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