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Mon Jun 25 23:46:58 CDT 2001

Had a nice sized Best FerrUPS at a missile company that never died that I
could recall in about 7 years of service.  This was in the lightning capital
of the world, FWIW.

Personal ones, I had a tripplite for my first UPS, it lasted about 1.5 years
and died a horrible smokey death.  The next 8 years, I have had only 2
UPS'es, the first was a APC 450 or somesuch, lasted aboout 3-4 years, the
next was a APC 600 UPS, I still have it, but it has been giving me hints
that it doesnt like running my PC, Imac and all the pumps on my 75G
fishtank anymore :(.  But it still works and holds the load for about 10

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> Okay.  UPSes.
> I've always been partial to APC, but have been looking at the
> newer Tripp-Lite stuff (under 500 watts, this is for individual
> machines and such).  Opinions?  I saw an APC Matrix *survive* an
> arcing/shorting transformer on the pole outside once, it just
> made *WONK* sounds every time a surge hit.. but all the equipment
> survived. 8-)
> Bill
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