[rescue] Anal Probes and NT

Greg A. Woods rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 25 22:18:49 CDT 2001

[ On Monday, June 25, 2001 at 14:30:04 (-0700), Robert Novak wrote: ]
> Subject: [rescue] Anal Probes and NT
> A bargain at twice the price. 

I'm not so sure.  I don't know Bill but through this list, and even so
I'd feel bad at making him do such a dirty job, even if I paid him more
than the $150k he asked for.  :-)

> Mainly because the people I'd have been working with were good people who
> I liked and trusted, and it was a management team I believed in. I'm
> willing to consider evil things like Windows or HP/UX or AIX for that sort
> of consideration, especially when I'm in a Sun shop without the qualities
> just mentioned (or at least without them to the extent that the Windows
> shop had them).

I will never, ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, do anything
serious or long-term with any M$ product.  Not ever, and not for any
(reasonable) amount of money.  I did my fair share of hacking with M$
junk back when I was young and didn't know any better, and back when the
range of viable alternatives was far far far smaller.  The politics and
economics of M$ stuff is part of the issue to be sure, but the worst
thing is that I have never, ever, seen anything even remotely
interesting or useful come out of M$ (well except for some papers and
presentations by some Microsoft Research Fellows, eg. Gordon Bell, but
like the XeroxPARC of old all their good stuff stays locked up tight).

I will work with any unix, even the most brain-dead implementations
(which in my day of using only commercial unix were things like ISC's
386/ix, or any AIX before 3.2, etc.).  (well maybe not DOMAIN/OS)

In fact I'd even try learning VMS before I'd ever touch M$ stuff....

Once upon a time I said I'd work with M$ systems if you gave me even
just one million dollars cash, but these days it would have to be more
like a trust fund that paid out a guaranteed 1M/year cash, indexed for
inflation, for the rest of my life and the lives of all the members of
my immediate family, and for no more than a 5-year work contract.

Or maybe if Bill Gates himself gave me the deed to his house and an
8-figure salary or more, or something outlandish like that, then I'd
think about it.  :-)

M$ crapware is just not worth using for anything, in any capacity

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